The Story of Gamingparagons

It’s been a long time coming. This project has changed formula and name over the years. And it has been a fantastic way to learn how to create stuff online.

– This is the story on how we launched to the world.

Establishing the concept

It all started with an idea to index every piece of gaming hardware on the market. A few years back it made sense to list everything.

Heard about affiliate marketing and how it could provide some extra income on the side. Always researched all my purchases online and knew I could provide some value for people looking to buy a new mouse or keyboard.

The market has since boomed, and it is now almost impossible to keep track of every piece of gear on the market. At this point we realised that we could investigate what gear the pros were using.

We have now landed on the idea that we need to find THE best piece of gear from each category. To achieve that we are comparing the most popular gear with reviews from the world’s leading journalists.

We believe this is what brings our readers the most value.

Naming the project

It’s not that easy to find good names with available domain names. Our journey started with the name “”.

After a few years we wanted to embrace the esports community and the project got named Esport Armory. Then we realized that it’s spelled “Esports” in most parts of the world.

I then got hold of “”. Frankly, I just wanted to see what the hype was all about. Never satisfied with that since .com is still the most common top-level domain.

Another brainstorming session took place and we ended up with “Esports Device” and Good fit since we were posting about devices for esports. However, limiting to just esports did not seems exactly right. There are many competitive games out there, not just esports titles.

We landed on Gaming Paragons, and luckily was available. This is the perfect name. We now could research all the paragons of gaming. From gaming devices to gaming champions under a single universal brand.

Building the platform

In the beginning my knowledge about WordPress and how to build a platform was extremely limited. Knowledge has grown tremendous amounts since the start.

We have moved past many different hosting companies and hundreds of plugins and themes. Found our current home in the most basic of places,

The focus now is to present the most valuable content in the most efficient way possible. Publishing on in 2017 is more powerful than ever.

All the time saved can be used to research and promote our content with gamers around the internet. We have also decided to hold any monetization until we feel that our content is truly adding value.

Closing thoughts

It has been a bumpy road indeed. But the experiences we have gained on our journey are invaluable. We are super excited to start promoting in the coming weeks.

I feel confident enough today to add more projects to my portfolio and I am super excited to share our next venture with the world soon…!


Since this post was published the Gaming paragons project was merged into our larger vision. It was a good ride, and we learned a lot.






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