This space will serve as my personal blog over my gaming adventures. There’s is going to be a mix of moments and reflections over my experiences. Have 3 primary areas where I focus my efforts: online multiplayer games, retro videogames and esports. And the challenge to manage time to pull everything together. Expect a mix of everything above in the future.

Huge advocate of social online multiplayer games. The game I have invested the most time into is World of Warcraft. While I have never been extremely interested in the lore and overall concept of Warcraft, experiencing a huge adventure in good company gives an epic feeling. I think it’s a wonderful way to challenge the co-operation and problem-solving skills!

Retro gaming with a focus on role playing games on the Super Nintendo. Ever since I received my first own home console, the SNES, I have loved the pixel perfection of what I think is the pinnacle of 2D graphics. Avid collector of classic games for my “retro gaming bucket-list”. Games the I play to finish “on a rainy day”.

Spectator of esports. While I have realised, I am never going to excel in any esports game, competitive gaming brings out the worst of me. Extremely interested in the things surrounding esports. Watch games as a spectator, and I engage in various projects in the surrounding space. For example, I run a website called along with my brothers.

Also make sure not to miss my site where I collect all my favourite gaming moments from all the categories above: =)






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