Nintendo Power Podcast Review

Someone has decided to re-launch this mythical brand with a new podcast, and I was super excited to take it for a spin. The name alone brings back so many memories from the old days of an official Nintendo magazine when it was the primary resource for news and tips. The discussions are of course…More

World of Warcraft Addons

World of Warcraft is a fantastic video game. Mostly because it attracts so many wonderful people. I have spent so many hours and days with this game and made a lot of friends. When Legion was released I got the urge to delve back into the game and use it as a recreational activity after…More


This space will serve as my personal blog over my gaming adventures. Theres is going to be a mix of moments and reflections over my experiences. I have 3 main areas where I focus my efforts: online multiplayer games, retro video-games and esports. And the challenge to manage time in order to pull everything together.…More