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  • Donkey Kong Country Documentary Review

    A fantastic look at the development of Donkey Kong Country on the Super Nintendo. Made by Digital Foundry who focuses primarily on graphics performance in modern games, but also runs their DF Retro series with a lot of quality content. This was one of my favorite games growing up, and watching this documentary brings back […]

  • World of Warcraft Addons

    World of Warcraft Addons

    World of Warcraft is a fantastic video game. Mostly because it attracts so many wonderful people. Spent so many hours and days with this game and made tons of friends. When Legion was released, I got the urge to delve back into the game and use it as a recreational activity after work. Played for […]

  • The Story of Gamingparagons

    The Story of Gamingparagons

    It’s been a long time coming. This project has changed formula and name over the years. And it has been a fantastic way to learn how to create stuff online. – This is the story on how we launched http://gamingparagons.com to the world. Establishing the concept It all started with an idea to index every piece of gaming hardware […]

  • Introduction


    This space will serve as my personal blog over my gaming adventures. There’s is going to be a mix of moments and reflections over my experiences. Have 3 primary areas where I focus my efforts: online multiplayer games, retro videogames and esports. And the challenge to manage time to pull everything together. Expect a mix […]

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